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Grooming Appointments are only available by phone or in person, email is unacceptable.

Customer Policies

Redwood Pet Resort

All guests staying here at Redwood Pet Resort, must be up to date and current within one year of their boarding dates, with all their vaccinations including the Bordetella vaccine for our canine guests. Proof of the vaccines must be presented prior to or on the day of drop off.

Example: Your boarding dates are May 5, 2010 to May 15, 2010. Your dogs vaccine certificate shows the following:




Your rabies would be considered valid but the DHLPP and Bordetella are expired, and we would not be able to accept this dog for boarding.

The only exception, is that some Rabies and DHLPP vaccines are valid for 2 or 3 years which would be noted on the vaccination certificate.


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