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Grooming Appointments are only available by phone or in person, email is unacceptable.

Boarding Checklist

Redwood Pet Resort

As a courtesy to our guests, we have prepared a checklist/reminder list for our clients to utilize as a reference tool prior to drop off, hoping it will help save time and stress for our guests. Listed below are common things that typically if prepared in advance can help eliminate stress and is an excellent way to reduce time or last minute packing. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us @ 905-878-9410.

Do you have your pets?

1. Vaccination Certificates: are they up to date and ready to show office staff

2. Emergency Contact: Do you have a number for us to reach you or someone you trust, in the event of an emergency

Did you pack?

A) Any vitamins, supplements or medications

Please note that with any vitamins, supplements or medication, it is better to provide a bit extra marked extra or just in case. Occasionally pets will spit out their pills into their water dishes or into the gutters. Having a back up pill ensures there are no missed doses!

B) Labelled instructions and containers with directions and vets phone number on all vitamins, supplements or medications

C) Food or Treats

If bringing your own food, please label food or treats with your last name and your pet's name(s). Always pack extra. Some pets will flip their dishes over, take mouths full of food and make soup or knock water into their food dishes at times. Having extra food on hand helps.

D) Blankets, towels, toys

Please do not bring anything of value for your pet(s) when boarding. Animals take advantage of being away, and some become destructive to their belongings. Please clearly label all items accompanying your pet(s) during their stay. We will wash your bedding, so please do not bring beds that could be damaged in the wash machine

Remember to notify us if there is:

  1. Special instructions (health risks or concerns) regarding your pet(s)
  2. Any changes to your travel plans regarding check out date. Please remember, check out is from 8:00 am 12:00 pm. After 12:00 pm, you will be charged a full days stay. Grooming clients can pick up after 4:30 unless specifically arranged with our groomers


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